Mining Solutions

MetaFLO provides waste management solutions for all phases of the mining process. Whether you are looking to reduce waste from your mineral separation process, your mineral recovery process, or optimize your mining waste water management processes, MetaFLO has the chemistry to help.

Instead of treating only the end-product of your life-cycle, MetaFLO patented organic polymers can be used at each stage to reduce your overall extraction cost per hour.

The polymers can be introduced as early as the crushing and grinding process to begin the process of stripping away waste ore and reducing the number of passes and thus, the overall work required by your equipment. Polymers can also be introduced into the gravimetric processes to increase separation of waste from valuable minerals and also into the flotation and cyanidation processes.

MF007 - Precious Metals Process

The MF007 precious metals process uses patented advanced organic polymers that can dramatically enhance the mineral extraction process.

This technology offers the mining industry process improvements in flotation, centrifuge, amalgamation and cyanidation resulting in lower extraction costs, lower disposal costs and higher precious metal purity. The greatest benefit is in the increase in efficiency and decrease in time required for the cyanidation process, however additional benefits can also be realized in all key extraction processes, including flotation, centrifuge and amalgamation.


The polymers accelerate the cyanidation process and make it more environmentally friendly. Our unique advanced polymer dramatically reduces the time required for cyanidation from an average of 24 hours to 12 hours and in some cases, 4 hours. Essentially, the polymers are an additive to the cyanidation process and allow the cyanide to more easily react with the liberated gold.

In addition to this reduction, there is also a resulting increase in recovery between 15-20%. By oxidizing the metals and by exposing the particles to be reacted, this makes the process more selective, resulting in less contaminants in the water.

  • An eco-friendly additive to the cyanidation process
  • Time of reaction can be reduced to between 4-12 hours
  • Recovery efficiency can be increased by 15-20%
  • Cleaner process, tailings with non-toxic levels
  • Allows for gold and precious metals with higher purity
  • No additional special equipment is needed
  • Efficacy easily validated in your labs
  • Scalable using your existing cyanidation tank configuration

Centrifuge Process

The polymers can help the centrifuge process by making the high weight particles loosen from the structures and be separated more easily resulting in:

  • Cleaner concentrate with less weight and higher value
  • Possibility of going straight to smelting without the need of amalgamation process.
  • Increase in slurry viscosity allows for a more efficient process.
  • Potential of making your centrifuge process up to 20% more efficient.

Flotation Process

At MetaFLO, we appreciate that the flotation process can be complex and highly proprietary. The polymers can help the flotation process in 3 different ways depending on the flotation method being used:

  • Increasing the efficacy of the collector by balancing the charges in the solution resulting in a cleaner concentrate of a lower weight and higher value.
  • Increases in efficiency can be easily proven in your own labs
  • Increasing the opportunity for reaction for target particles which reduces the residence time.
  • Increases the potential carrying weight in the bubbles, by changing the viscosity and surface tension which minimizes loss reduction in tailings which means higher recovery values.
  • Potential for decreasing the residence time in flotation by 20%
Gold Mining
Gold Cyanidation
Gold Dust from Cyanidation

Polymers for Stabilization & Recovery

MetaFLO also has solutions for your existing tailings issues. If your tailing ponds are at or over-capacity, our unique polymers can dramatically reduce the toxicity of these ponds and in most cases, provide a path to additional mineral recovery.

Polymers for Solidification

Are you concerned about toxic waste water or sludges from your mining operations? MetaFLO’s polymer solutions can reduce toxicity, and then solidify and stabilize the remaining sludges and slurries for safe and environmentally-friendly disposal.

Mining operations can generate several different types of waste streams:

  • Sump pits
  • Tailings
  • Coal ash pits
  • Wash slime waste
  • Minerals refinement fractions

Often these waste streams need solidification and binding of free liquids in order to be shipped to a licensed disposal facility. Conventional sorbents – sawdust, lime kiln dust, corn cob – normally expands the waste volume by 50-100%. This greatly increases disposal costs in terms of higher transportation costs due to more loads and, of course, higher landfill disposal fees. The use of MetaFLO polymers allows waste generators to meet EPA 9095 (Paint Filter Test) requirements with <1% expansion!

Product Attributes

  • Reduces Industrial Waste Disposal Costs – Expands in Volume by less than 1%
  • Non-Biodegradable Polymer (40 CFR 264.314 (e)(ii))
  • Strong Ion Exchange Capability Allows For an opportunity to tie up
  • Heavy Metals To improve TCLP results.
  • When Used Properly, Waste Sludges Will Pass Paint Filter Test (EPA 9095).
  • Freeze-Thaw Tested. The Polymer Will Not Release Free Liquids.
  • Polymer Will Excellently Absorb Aqueous Wastes of pH > 4. For
  • Highly Acidic Wastes, Neutralization (pH Adjustment) Is Recommended.

The introduction of our polymers enhances your overall process and reduces the toxicity of mine tailings. It is best to understand where the additive can be most effective in your specific process and MetaFLO engineers are here to help from start to finish by providing guidance for bench testing, establishing a pilot and working closely with you to go-live into production.