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MetaFLO’s reagents turn industrial liquid waste streams into solids in minutes. By simply adding a minimal dosage of MetaFLO’s proprietary formulations to industrial liquid waste from processes like HDD, drilling, boring, tunneling, micro-tunneling and hydro excavations, these reagents absorb excess water and immobilize any contaminants.

All MetaFLO solidification products are environmentally safe and are applied to help meet environmental solids criteria for wet spoils. The solidified material will also immobilize metals and hydrocarbons and can safely go to landfill directly from the generator site or can be applied at liquid transfer stations prior to disposal.

MetaFLO produces reagents for many different applications. We are also able to design a reagent mixture specifically for your waste stream. Contact us for more details.


Product List

MF002: Ideal for solidification and stabilization of water based fluids - such as drill fluids, jet grouting, mining waste. Learn More

MF003: ideal for solidification and stabilization of various liquid waste streams; designed to solidify liquid wastes to meet the Paint Filter Test (PFT) and the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) for Heavy Metals.  Learn More

MF006: ideal for solidification of water-based semi solids - such as drill cuttings, hydro-excavation materials, mining waste, municipal waste, storm water lagoons. Learn More

MF008: ideal for oil and gas applications - such as invert or OBM cuttings, brine-based cuttings. Learn More


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The ExtracTech precious metals process uses patented advanced organic polymers that can dramatically enhance the mineral extraction process.

This technology offers the mining industry process improvements in cyanidation resulting in lower extraction costs, lower disposal costs and higher precious metal purity. The greatest benefits are an increase in extraction efficiency of up to 8%, a reduction in the amount of cyanide used and an acceleration of the reaction time.

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The AgriTech biostimulant uses patented advanced polymers derived from algae to create a more efficient bioactive root surface for greater nutrient uptake.

This technology provides both soil-based and hydroponic growers with an easy to use solution to increase growth by 20-30% for relevant commercial plant characteristics.

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