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The Liquid Waste Disposal Experts

MetaFLO is the leading provider of innovative, environmentally friendly chemistry for the treatment of liquid waste streams. Simply put, we help people turn liquid waste into a manageable solid at the site of the fluid generation.

Using our technology you will reduce your current cost of managing liquid waste, improve safety at your site, reduce risk and liability as well as significantly reducing the environmental impact of your activity.
Conventional methods for treating liquid waste are poor. Adding vast amounts of sawdust, fly ash from coal generation or lime dust to a liquid until it meets solids criteria for transportation to landfill is wasteful and redundant. The greenhouse gas emission reductions from a 2/3 reduction in vacuum truck requirements is compelling and consistent with generator corporate social responsibility objectives.


Today, MetaFLO provides solidification solutions to a broad range of applications for resource extraction, midstream applications, pipeline construction, dredging and conservation, municipal and industrial requirements.

Understanding the site specific safety requirements, providing the tools, the chemistry and the local expertise at the generator site ensures the best value, safety and environmental outcome.

MetaFLO licenses this technology to local service providers who are most familiar with the environmental regulations and requirements. In many cases, our Licensee is a current contractor, familiar with stringent safety criteria that will bring added value with the MetaFLO technology application.


MetaFLO Technologies Inc. was originally formed to address the disposal of liquid wastes generated at Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) sites. The high cost of vacuum trucks combined with travel distances to disposal facilities necessitated a better solution around on-site waste solidification. This led to the development of proprietary reagent solidification formulas. The reagents can be used on-site (in-situ) using conventional mixing equipment which allows solidification in minutes, thereby significantly reducing waste disposal costs.

MetaFLO Technologies Inc. develops, manufactures and markets cost effective and environmentally sound reagent solutions for the solidification of industrial liquid wastes. This is important because inadequately treated liquid waste streams allow harmful contaminants to leach into our water tables and can pose a risk to human health. These industrial waste streams are generated through drilling operations for oil, gas, mining or pipelines, HDD, boring, tunneling, micro-tunneling and waste water treatment. MetaFLO’s proprietary reagents, when incorporated into a liquid waste stream will solidify the source fluid and immobilize contaminants. The resultant solid matrix is more environmentally sound than current treatment methods, creates significantly less volume of waste for landfill and greatly reduces carbon emissions through reduced transportation requirements.

The Managing Team

Pompi Malik
andrew mcnabb
Susan Malik

Our Partners

With the right partnerships MetaFLO achieved to create a liquid waste disposal, treatment and management technologies that are leading edge worldwide. MetaFLO’s proprietary methods and reagents reduce transportation and handling costs and reduce the environmental impact of disposal.

Our Clients

We take pride in providing customized solutions for liquid waste when our clients have a unique challenge. If your waste stream doesn’t have an ‘off the rack’ solution, we will be happy to work with you to develop a formula that better suits your needs.

MetaFLO’s customers are environmental service organizations that manage liquid industrial waste streams including drill wastes and tailings sediment. Current customers include Wyo-Ben, Allstream Waste Solutions, Di-Corp, KBL Environmental, Envirobore HDD, Polpure(Au), Coast Diggers (NZ) and TA Drilling (UK). These innovators provide the services to organizations including; Nexen, Enbridge, Union Gas, Spectra Energy, Imperial Oil, Conoco, TransCanada, Talisman, Essential Energy, others. Most organizations that generate liquid wastes in their productive processes sub-contract the removal and disposal of these streams in compliance with required environmental regulations. For example, Metaflo is a new technology that meets the new more stringent requirements of the AER Directive 50. These organizations can utilize the MetaFLO technology to offer on-site or in-situ treatment.