Dark MF008

Ideal for oil and gas applications

Such as invert or OBM cuttings, brine-based cuttings


✓ Cuttings (oil-based)

✓ Tank bottoms

✓ Oil & Gas

✓ Oily sludges


✓ Fly ash

✓ Sawdust


✓ Ideal for solidifying oil-based drill cuttings

✓ Tank bottoms

✓ Oily pad sludge

✓ Can be used in conjunction with MF006 or MF003 when water is present

✓ Creates a dry, stackable solid for easy handling

✓ Minimal humidity effects

✓ Landfill friendly

MF008 Product Specification


MF008 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


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MetaFLO’s reagents turn industrial liquid waste streams into solids in minutes. By simply adding a minimal dosage of MetaFLO’s proprietary formulations to industrial liquid waste from processes like HDD, drilling, boring, tunneling, micro-tunneling and hydro excavations, these reagents absorb excess water and immobilize any contaminants.

All MetaFLO solidification products are environmentally safe and are applied to help meet environmental solids criteria for wet spoils. The solidified material will also immobilize metals and hydrocarbons and can safely go to landfill directly from the generator site or can be applied at liquid transfer stations prior to disposal.

MetaFLO produces reagents for many different applications. We are also able to design a reagent mixture specifically for your waste stream. Contact us for more details.

✓ Water based fluids

✓ Liquid waste streams

✓ Water-based semi solids