What is MetaFLO?

Solidification reagent

Turning liquid waste into stackable solid

MetaFLO reagents turn liquid waste into a stackable solid in real time while adding only 1/2 of 1% of the liquid waste volume. A proprietary reagent chemistry, MetaFLO reagents replace the need for many common and more costly alternatives like Portland cement, sawdust, lime, flyash and others giving you an easy, quick and environmentally friendly way to manage your liquid waste streams.

MetaFLO’s proprietary reagent formula solidifies liquid waste in minutes while only increasing overall waste by <1%, typically a lot lower, making it easier, more efficient and less costly to dispose.

Why use MetaFLO

  • MetaFLO reagents are fast - Immediately converts liquid waste to a solid in minutes.
  • MetaFLO reagents are easy - Creates a dry, stackable solid for easy handling.
  • MetaFLO has a bulking factor of only <1% while other alternatives can be >100% and sometimes >200%.
  • MetaFLO reagents are better for the environment than conventional amendments.
  • Helps waste pass Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (EPA Method 1311).
  • Helps waste pass paint filter criteria (EPA 9095).
  • Landfill friendly and does not biodegrade.

A solid solution

MetaFLO's proprietary reagent chemistry, when combined with existing industry standard mechanical mixing technologies, turn liquid waste into a manageable solid in real-time, on site.

How does MetaFLO work?

MetaFLO reagents work in a variety of applications where liquid waste is produced from pipeline, infrastructure construction, boring, tunneling, micro-tunneling, hydro excavation and horizontal directional drilling (HDD). The reagents also work well in the solidification of municipal wastewater sediment and storm water settling pond sediment, liquid transfer station sludge and more. In a large-scale construction project, for example, we isolated the produced bored out slurry – a combination of mud, water and other sub-soil debris elements – and applied a minimal dose of MetaFLO’s reagent. The result? Within minutes you have solid, stackable material waste ready for disposal using conventional dump trucks that reduce costs and time required for disposal.

Before and after reagent
How MetaFLO works

As Easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Liquid waste has been collected in a pond, tank etc.
  2. Solidification reagent is added
  3. Liquid sets up as a solid in minutes and is ready for disposal.