When and How MetaFLO Works

Solidification reagent

Turning liquid waste into stackable solid

Solidify liquid waste in minutes: How MetaFLO Works

MetaFLO reagents turn liquid waste into manageable solid in real-time, on site in a matter of minutes, in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Liquid waste collected in a pond, tank, etc.
  2. Fluid is agitated by existing mixing equipment while our solidification reagent is added
  3. Liquid sets up as a solid in minutes
  4. Ready for disposal
How MetaFLO works


"First and Foremost I would like to thank you for all your help , support and technical advice during the Block Island Project . Your product was a great tool in the management of drilling spoils on our project. We have completed the drilling process in block island and are planning on mobilizing to our next drilling project. Once again many Thanks.“

John Diffley, Block Island Wind Farm Project

Where and when can you use MetaFLO reagents? Applications for Use

MetaFLO solidification reagents have broad application across many industries including utilities infrastructure, oil and gas pipeline construction, general infrastructure construction as well as waste water and storm water applications. Any application where methods generate liquid waste, slurries and sludges, such as horizontal directional drilling (HDD), tunneling, boring, micro-tunneling or hydro excavation are a great fit for MetaFLO reagents.

Our Products

MetaFLO solidification reagents use a blend of proprietary ingredients to prove the most effective reagents available for treatment in various applications.

MF002: Ideal for solidification of water based fluids - such as drill fluids, jet grouting, mining waste. Learn More

MF003: Ideal for solidification of various liquid waste streams; designed to solidify liquid wastes to meet the Paint Filter Test (PFT).  Learn More

MF006: Ideal for solidification of water-based semi solids - such as drill cuttings, hydro-excavation materials, mining waste, municipal waste, storm water lagoons. Learn More

MF008: Ideal for oil and gas applications - such as invert or OBM cuttings, brine-based cuttings. Learn More

MetaFLO customized solutions to meet your needs

Let us help you determine the right MetaFLO solution for you!