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MetaFLO Technologies Inc.  develops, manufactures and markets cost effective and environmentally sound solutions for the disposal of industrial liquid wastes.  These industrial waste streams are generated through drilling operations for oil & gas, mining or pipelines, manufacturing processes and waste water treatment. MetaFLO’s proprietary reagents, when incorporated into a liquid waste stream will solidify the source fluid and immobilize contaminants. The resultant solid matrix is more environmentally sound than traditional bulking methods, creates significantly less volume of waste to landfill and greatly reduces carbon emissions through reduced transportation requirements.

MetaFLO’s technology is licensed by geographic region or waste treatment vertical and supported by experts in the field.  As a result, MetaFLO’s Distributors enjoy a unique advantage in the marketplace, able to take advantage of this unique process to provide cost savings and environmentally friendly solutions to their clients.

If you are interested in the distribution of MetaFLO products with a formal distribution agreement, please contact us at 1-888-862-4011.

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