We take pride in providing customized solutions for liquid waste when our clients have a unique challenge. If your waste stream doesn’t have an ‘off the rack’ solution, we will be happy to work with you to develop a formula that better suits your needs.

MetaFLO’s customers are environmental service organizations that manage liquid industrial waste streams including drill wastes and tailings sediment. Current customers include Wyo-Ben, Allstream Waste Solutions, Di-Corp, KBL Environmental, Envirobore HDD, Polpure(Au), Coast Diggers (NZ) and TA Drilling (UK). These innovators provide the services to organizations including; Nexen, Enbridge, Union Gas, Spectra Energy, Imperial Oil, Conoco, TransCanada, Talisman, Essential Energy, others. Most organizations that generate liquid wastes in their productive processes sub-contract the removal and disposal of these streams in compliance with required environmental regulations. For example, Metaflo is a new technology that meets the new more stringent requirements of the AER Directive 50. These organizations can utilize the MetaFLO technology to offer on-site or in-situ treatment.