Hydrovac On-Site Solution


Shipping hydrovac mud for disposal out of downtown Toronto reduces productivity and is very costly. These restrictions and costs were a challenge for Crosslinx at the Bayview Station construction site.


February 2018


The Crosslinx team recognized the cost benefit of having their hydrovac trucks offload on site for immediate solidification. A lined rolloff bin was set up at a small laydown area just across from the Bayview site. Hydrovac trucks would off load their “liquid soils” into the bin. While not in use, an excavator that was already on site, would add a low dose of MetaFLO solidification reagent, mix to meet solids criteria and load dump trucks to leave site.


Not only was Crosslinx able to maximize their productive hours per day with their hydrovac equipment – they only require that single hydrovac to complete daily activities. The site continues to realize a significant cost savings – approximately $2,000/truck load, totaling approximately $6,000/day (based on average activities of 3 hydrovac truck loads per day). Additionally, the reduced trucking improved site safety, road congestion and reduced carbon emissions.