The Demand For Hydro Excavation is Booming

The Hydro Excavation (Hydrovac) market experienced a surge in the last half decade. According to Global Hydrovac Trucks Market’s 2021 research report, the Hydrovac trucks market is expected to continue rising significantly from 2021 to 2026.

So why is this occurring?

Contractors across different construction and utility sectors have realized the efficiency and operational benefits of vacuum excavators compared to other digging and trenching methods. Additionally, as more utility lines have been moving to underground installation, utility strikes are a growing concern. Hydrovac systems eliminate the need for striking shovels or backhoes and the potential for the sudden impacts that lead to utility strikes.

How Do MetaFLO’s Reagents Cater to This Growth?

Hydro Excavation generates liquid slurry. Traditionally, this slurry is dumped at various receiving sites to be dealt with. The slurry is then placed in either bins/pits or spread out on drying beds to dry. This method takes up  space and can be problematic in rainy or snowy weather. With MetaFLO’s technology, receiving sites solidify the slurry within minutes of receiving the material. Thus, the footprint of the receiving sites and overall operating costs are drastically lowered. After solidification, the dry, soil-like material is loaded into dump trucks and transported to the final disposal site.

See the process in action below.

liquid waste

Step 1: Receive the material


liquid mud solidification

Step 2: Mix in MetaFLO’s solidification reagent


liquid waste disposal

Step 3: The slurry is solidified and ready for disposal!


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