Pipeline Construction Process Improvement

Pipeline owners are making incremental work process improvements behind the scenes using MetaFLO’s liquid waste solidification technology.

MetaFLO provides technology that facilitates the solidification of liquid waste streams into solid material – in essence, we turn muddy water into dirt!

Organizations that put pipeline in the ground benefit from this proven technology to manage the drill waste fluids and cuttings generated from this work process.

When pipeline installations need to work around obstacles like rivers, streams, sensitive wetlands, or even highways, directional drilling is often used as the most efficient – least disruptive methodology. Outputs from the drilling process are large volumes of drill cuttings and fluids that need to be managed as a liquid waste product by the pipeline owner.

Historical practices have often involved digging large pits to contain these fluids where they would de-water over time. Residual waste fluids would then be excavated or sucked up by vacuum trucks and transported to a disposal location. This practice has proven to be inefficient, expensive, difficult to control and inconsistent with regulatory requirements for the management of liquid waste generated from a drilling operation.

Today, pipeline owners are implementing MetaFLO’s technology to ensure waste fluids are being solidified as they are being generated at the drill site. This in-situ drill fluid treatment addresses several of the key operational objectives set out in the project planning scope of work including; safety optimization, zero liquids leaving site, project output control and compliance, environmental impact minimization, beneficial use opportunities, care and sensitivity to local constituents and GHG emissions minimization.

Using MetaFLO achieves operational objectives:

  • No large pits required for fluid containment – smaller site footprint, less disruption & risk
  • No vacuum trucks required – safer, less risk, less disruptive to constituents
  • No liquids leaving site – control and compliance, improved risk management
  • Dump trucks utilized for disposal – more efficient, lower cost, beneficial use opportunities
  • GHG emissions reduced by 60% with MetaFLO drill fluid treatment

At a time when pipelines are under such scrutiny for their environmental impact and risk mitigation, let’s give pipeline owners some credit for the on-going, incremental improvements that go on behind the scenes. MetaFLO’s technology delivers solutions that provide long term positive impacts for the environment and local communities.