Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduced by MetaFLO

Major energy projects to factor in greenhouse gas emissionsMetaFLO’s patented solidification technology has already been shown to significantly improve the disposal of waste drilling fluid, by reducing risk, greenhouse gas emissions, and overall cost. At MetaFLO, we believe that there is always a better solution, and we strive to enhance our proven technology to even greater heights. Compared to traditional waste drilling fluid disposal methods, MetaFLO’s solution already reduces transportation drastically. Wouldn’t it be nice though, if we could eliminate the need to transport the waste altogether?

Reusing the solidified material on site can significantly reduce transportation requirements. We often see this, benefitting the generator of the waste, the community where the project is happening and the environment. Our solution is a game changer for companies looking for a better way to manage their liquid waste and reduce the cost and risk association with transportation of waste.

Some of MetaFLO’s reagents contain a key component found in the premium top soil sold at local garden centres. When drilling fluids are treated with these reagents, the solidified material retains more water compared to regular soil. This solidified product can be used as a substitute for (or mixed with) topsoil to enhance soil characteristics. It could even be used for land reclamation following the completion of a job.

Another aspect of beneficial reuse that MetaFLO is pursuing is the compaction of the solidified material. In many instances, waste fluids that have been treated with MetaFLO reagents can also be used as backfill. This has tremendous cost and environmental implications including reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Being able to use the waste drill fluids on site would almost completely eliminate the need for transporting soil in and out of the site. The cost, risk and environmental benefits are clear.

At MetaFLO, we are continuously improving our process and discovering new formulas to assist our clients to achieve better results.