Municipal Landfills Benefit from MetaFLO Treatment

MetaFLO’s patented solutions are well aligned with the needs of municipal landfills and present a departure from traditional methods of managing slurry waste streams. Heavy liquid waste streams such as hydro excavation mud or horizontal directional drilling (HDD) fluids can be solidified in the field with a very low dose of MetaFLO reagent reducing carbon footprint, waste volume, cost and risk and results in an easy to manage solid, ideal for disposal at a landfill or as a clean fill suitable for beneficial reuse.

Traditional methods of managing waste slurry will often involve bulking the waste or treating it with an amendment that increases volume by 50 to 300% or adds a contaminant to the waste – both of which create problems for landfill operators.  Bulking materials used to meet solids criteria, such as fly ash, sawdust, or other dry amendments, may contain contaminants or release fluids into the landfill impacting leachate capture systems.  In all cases, bulking methods unnecessarily expand the volume of the waste and reduce landfill lifecycles.

MetaFLO’s reagents significantly reduce the volume of the waste.  Their application will achieve regulatory solids criteria with extremely low doses, often as low as one-half of a percent.  MetaFLO reagents do not add any or organics that will decompose when landfilled.  Our products are engineered to produce a soil like mixture with a minimum final waste volume and the kind of stackable result acceptable for landfilling.

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