Liquid waste is a necessary byproduct of many industrial projects … expensive transportation and disposal doesn’t have to be!

What Are MetaFLO’s Reagents?

MetaFLO reagents turn liquid waste into a stackable solid in real time while adding only 1/2 of 1% of the liquid waste volume. A proprietary reagent chemistry, MetaFLO reagents replace the need for many common and more costly alternatives like Portland cement, sawdust, lime, fly ash and others giving you an easy, quick and environmentally friendly way to manage your liquid waste streams.

MetaFLO’s reagents are:

FAST – It immediately converts liquid waste to a solid in minutes.

EASY – It creates a dry, stackable solid for easy handling.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – It helps waste pass Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure (EPA Method 1311) and paint filter criteria (EPA 9095). Landfill friendly and does not biodegrade.

FLEXIBLE – It can be used for various applications.

PRODUCE LESS WASTE – It produces a fraction of the waste compared to common alternatives such as using dry bulking agents like sawdust.


Where: Applications/Industries

MetaFLO’s solidification reagents are ideal for industries like drilling, tunneling, hydro excavation and other applications that generate liquid waste.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Disposal of liquid drilling slurry can be costly and negatively impact the environment if not managed properly. MetaFLO’s technology can solidify the liquid waste on-site, which then allows the solidified waste to be transferred in dump trucks directly to the final disposal site.

Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation generates liquid slurry that’s typically dumped at various receiving sites to dry. MetaFLO’s technology will allow receiving sites to solidify the slurry within minutes of receiving the material, which means the footprint of the receiving sites can be significantly reduced and the overall operating cost will be drastically lower. After solidification, the soil-like material can be loaded into dump trucks and transported to the final disposal site.

Tunneling & Microtunneling

Depending on ground conditions, the soil removed from tunnels can be quite liquid. Spoils solidification with environmentally friendly polymers from MetaFLO Technologies provide an innovative and effective method to efficiently dry the wet spoils.


Depending on the type of liquid that you are dealing with, turning the liquid into solid can have various advantages, such as, easier to handle, cheaper and safer to transport, and better management of material. As a solid, the material may also be used for other purposes, such as clean fill material or agricultural land applications.

Storm Water Ponds

Sediment that has filled in the stormwater pond over time has a flowable and sludge-like consistency. This sediment can be treated with very low dosages of polymer-based solidification reagent to change the consistency of the sediment into a more soil-like texture.


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