Wet or Dry – MetaFLO Solves Excess Soil Challenges

Many jurisdictions across North America are looking for ways to manage excess soils. Ontario’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) describes the subject of this initiative as, soil that has been excavated, mainly during construction activities, that cannot or will not be reused at the site where the soil was excavated and must be moved off site.

The MOECC’s own communications identify two specific, active projects as “examining new technologies and processes with leading Ontario companies who are developing tracking systems for excess soil management and piloting innovative ways to solidify liquid soil for beneficial reuses”.

The intersection of ‘tracking systems for excess soil’ and ‘innovative ways to solidify liquid soil’ is precisely where MetaFLO operates.

Our solutions for these challenges have diverted millions of cubic metres of soil from landfill to beneficial reuse applications, reduced the carbon footprint of construction work by thousands of tonnes, eliminated the doubt about where excess soils have been deposited and this has all happened while our solutions have reduced the cost of managing these excess soil inventories.

Whether you’re looking for a better way to manage a liquid soil, need a modern, automated method for tracking excess soil or both, please review our website www.metaflotech.com or call us directly at 888-862-4011.